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Industry leading staffing – E HIRING SERVICES

About Us

E Hiring Services originated to continue working with young aspiring minds, those mid-career and even senior level professionals from the United States and abroad.

It is clear to see in recent years that navigating the job market is no easy task and the hiring strategies are constantly evolving. According to the statistics of the US Bureau of Labor, 70% of jobs are now found through networking, and the Wall Street Journal recently reported that 80% of jobs are never publicly advertised. Recruiters use digital tools available to research candidates prior to contacting them.

We have discovered the keys to making critical placements within companies for our clients and partners, focused on teaching the key skills critical to all professionals, no matter experience or age. Traversing the job industry in today’s market, our clients and partners must have clarified goals and need excellent marketing materials in sync with the evolving job placement industry. In addition, clients need to know how to establish networking contacts, properly interview, listen and respond effectively, as well as establish themselves within a company before and after the initial hiring.

We understand your needs on a personal level and will be there for you every step of the way to reach your goals.

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